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Joysweeper: ...I've actually written two of these for Kot OR Fan Media, both of them supposedly well before the games. One was someone who had been bitten by a rakghoul and was determined to head up to the Upper City to see the sky for the first time and incidentally prove that "rock ghouls exist". The other was a Sith student who'd killed his or her best friend for prestige, had followed the Jedi who were hunting terrantatek into some caves, got lost, and his or her light went out. The Sith was doing a rambling stream of consciousness dialogue, turned out to be afraid of the dark, and started talking to that dead friend. It ended with he or she finding the Jedi as they found the terrantatek.

...Maybe I should start writing those again. Only this time I actually pick the gender of the narrator.

Secondlongest: ...In the Web Original example about the diary found on a life raft at sea. Would anybody happen to know the name of the story? Or at least a link to it?