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Working Title: Putting The Sex In Bisexual: From YKTTW

Twin Bird: Something that's been bugging me for a while - when was it said that Tim was bi? I've heard this in a few places, but I don't remember it from the strip itself - in fact, his Lotus-Eater Machine fantasy with the women in his life as concubines and the men as eunuchs, seems to contradict it, although that was before he seemed to have a firm grasp on the characters.

Maybe this would be better in the strip's discussion; I don't know.

Shire Nomad: Rikk seems to think Tim is attracted to him in a later strip. Also, there's some semi-canon material in the Extras on the website that, if accurate, would seem to indicate that yeah, he's bi.

Zeta: He had a pretty obvious crush on Will on one point, too, in one of the prose stories.

Twin Bird: Word of God - "I don't know if even Tim knew for sure. If he did, he certainly liked women more." Although this isn't an outright denial, I'd say it rather strongly suggests that his passes at men weren't serious, so he doesn't really qualify.

Twin Bird: Took out Frank Booth, because even though he says the words, he doesn't really fit the archetype, not really being concerned with sex at all except as a manifestation of control.

Antheia: Took out Kozue from the Revolutionary Girl Utena example. Seriously — the only people she's even been hinted at having had sex with are... Touga and Akio. Sure, she talks about her strings of boyfriends, but when you're thirteen it's quite possible to have a boyfriend/girlfriend without having sex.

Twin Bird: A lot of Natter has built up under Quagmire...since he's expressed outright disgust at the idea of gay sex before, and closest thing to a man I've heard of him a pass at was a post-op Mt F transsexual, I'm going to just take out the example and be done with it. Also, Tim Mitts, as per above, and Kozue, as per Antheia's comment above.

Twin Bird: Um...I don't read Soap on a Rope, but one storyline I did read on a poor man's Archive Trawl involved Circe's sexual preference being temporarily changed from boys to girls to animals by Applied Phlebotinum...So Yeah. If something's changed since then, feel free to put her back in.
INH: Removed this-
  • Some dragons of breeding age can shapeshift, most types of dragons need to be wizards or sorcerers to polymorph Squick ensues if you realise that the example half dragon is the kind that can't
All dragons cast spells as sorcerers, though they have to be pretty old to gain access to Polymorph.

Twin Bird: Okay, does anyone else think we need a less depraved character for the picture? Maybe Konstantin? (Granted, he professes to liking children in the same strip, but that's still an order of magnitude or two below T-Bag.) Jodie? (Either) Captain Jack?

Spider: No way, man, T-Bag's perfect.

Twin Bird: No. No, he isn't. He's a monster, and that's distracting.

Twin Bird: Okay, this page has really gotten derailed. The YKTTW and the description make it clear it's about the clichéd hypersexuality of bisexuals. Characters can meet this trope and have some standard, and it is not about characters who are "settling."