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Red Shoe: If memory serves, G.I. Joe did this specifically in response to the Reagan program mentioned in the article — it allowed the show to count toward FCC "educational program" requirements.

Darmok: I don't remember the specifics (largely because I only ever saw two episodes) but did the Back to the Future series employ this trope?

Ununnilium: I think it came around too late to cash in on that trend, but it's been awhile, so I dunno.

Phartman: Oh yeah, I remember that! It used live action, Mr. Wizard-y science projects that Christopher Lloyd would instruct the kids on after each show.

Ack Sed: Where's that screenshot from? I've seen it referenced in 4chan,but the origin is not clear.
Adam850: Note to self: The Venture Bros. and testicular torsion and Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law and skin cancer.
Adam850: Removed: "Likely a side-effect of "The Great Communicator" Ronald Reagan and his media-centric educational programs. (Quite the opposite: at one time, due to FCC regulations, broadcast networks were required to devote a certain amount of time each day to "educational" programming; these tacked-on moral lessons were included to satisfy that requirement. The FCC under Reagan ended the practice.)"

Since it is one big contradiction. Someone who actually knows the history on this should rewrite this part.
  • But then they explain to the audience that part of the reason dragons are scary is that they breathe fire, and that fire is dangerous and that you shouldn't play with matches.
    • This does not appear in that He-man episode.

  • Which reminds me of "Message from The Power Rangers'" big brother, "Fox Totally For Kids (Detective Agency)," which was seen between programs on '90s Fox Kids schedules. Which often slipped into Narm territory themselves. Five words: "Hey, Pedro, want some fries?" (sadly no video evidence online that I know of)

Danel: That's a real shame. If it did, we might have some idea what you were talking about.

djkates: So, which Linkara review has that gag with the GI Joe/NBC switch?