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Kilyle: Do we have any trope around for the increasingly popular phrase "America has voted" and various versions thereof? I'm starting to cringe whenever I hear that.

I mean, I appreciate the idea of voting for things, because I do think that what the general public wants to watch, listen to, or buy is better determined by the general public than by some guy in Hollywood. I like the idea of voting on singers, dancers, talent shows, movie directors, and inventions.

But then they go into overdrive on the "suspense." It's just like a lot of the game shows nowadays. If I were their sponsor, I'd be pulling some strings to cut the waiting time for each announcement by half (or more). So yeah, that annoys me. And part of the package is that now infamous line, "As you know, America voted...." So if we don't yet have a Stock Phrase for that one, or whatever category it should go over, then please somebody add this trope.

Kilyle again: GAH! Whoever added to the list of examples... nailed it. Thanks for giving me a good laugh!

Putnamehere3145: This is horribly formatted, and seems to be copy and pasted from Wiki Pedia. Can anyone fix it?

fleb: Formatted horribly for some inexplicable reason that's mysteriously disappeared now, I'll give you. But copied and pasted? The text is the same as it's always been and it would never fit in at Wikipedia.