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Peteman: For the Shizno bit, I was pretty sure he was actually going to go on for a bit (i.e.: I think it was going to be the feces of the feces of the feces of the foulest smelling animal).

Rosco-128: What character tropes apply to Wash, South, York & Delta?
That Other 1 Dude: What the hell happened to the page?

Peteman: Can Sarge be considered a Badass Normal? The only superhuman monsters he faces with any degree of regularity tend to kick his ass or send him running.

The Recreator: Badass? Maybe. Normal? No. He's usually the last Red to order a retreat, but he's also the last Red to hold onto the delusion that the Red vs. Blue simulations matter. Supernatural encounters don't even begin to factor in here.

Besides, with the exception of Church, everyone from Blood Gulch is of standard military. Sarge is no more normal than Grif or Caboose.