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Kilyle: Isn't the King actually a Sultan? Or do they call him a King? I understood the terms to be distinct for some reason, though I'm not sure I could say how.

fleb: I was just thinking the same thing, but I checked The Other Wiki, and apparently, as fictional ruler of the Persian/Sassanid Empire, his title would translate as 'king of kings,' so king is better than sultan, which has more religious baggage.

LadyJafaria: Sultan doesn't have any religious baggage at all, you're thinking of caliph. The reason he shouldn't be called sultan is that very few rulers before the Ottoman Empire actually used that title. Especially not Persian ones.

And what's with the "correction" of the original Arabic spelling of "Wazir"?

Sorry for using the discussion page like this but is the "And they lived.." qoute from the original stories or from were because for some reson I fiind it really cool and would like to learn more about it.

fleb: Yeah, better to just fix the 'viziers' on this page.

@nanon: in the Burton translation at least, the usual rendering of the quote goes like

And they ceased not to be in all solace and delight of life, till there came to them the Destroyer of delights and the Sunderer of societies

It's used at least twenty times. The pagequote must be a different translation? I'm new to the Nights.