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DocHaus: Couple of things have been nagging at me, so I figured I'd open a discussion page here. First, where does the Psycho Lesbian part of Chizuru come in? Forgive me if I missed this one. And second, is there a trope for the second episode butchering of quotes from famous people (i.e. the flashback with Thomas Edison playing with a PSP)?

zzzdragon: I believe the Psycho Lesbian could be from ep 3, around 14 min. During the interview, Chizuru tells Lilicia that picking a fight with the student council, where "my Aka-chan is president" has consequences, in a manner that is rather threatening. Also, there is the whole part where she mind-controls Kurimu into doing "anything I tell you." Personally, I find her more of a Magnificent Bitch Yandere combonation, rather than a straight Psycho Lesbian. Though I would doubt anyone would argue that her attitude towards Kurimu is entirely sane/well-adjusted.

TheStromLord: The Psycho Lesbian is also around in the first eps, kinda scattered around, especially the whole hypnotism thing.

tachikaze: I was just wondering, is Mafuyu's confession really a Shocking Swerve, I thought it was given a reasonable amount of foreshadowing. Edit: On re-reading the definition for a Shocking Swerve, the fact that there was anything that could be called foreshadowing means this doesn't qualify, right?