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Night Stalker: Is anyone else here familiar with the G.I. Joe comic book? The basic premise is the same, but it's written for a far older audience, and is very different, including the usage of far different tropes. (There's no Killed Off for Real in the cartoon, or any death at all, for example.) Should it have a separate entry? Are there any guidelines for deciding when different takes on the same story deserve a separate entry?

Evil Midnight Lurker: This might be one of those cases where we should just put a division halfway down the page; while Hama's comic was far superior to the cartoon, they used almost exactly the same characters and hardware...

lp2277: How exactly should the article be refocused? I was imagining something like the Transformers page: a series overview with a list of the most prominent characters (would 5 from each faction be too many?), individual sections for the comics, cartoons (including the direct-to-DVD movies) and the live action film, then a list of tropes. Would that layout work for this kind of article?