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Mercy: This page on the film is a bit broken. It picks up the "Wild Mass Guessing" for the TV series of the same name for example, and the watch-list buttons on the top of the page seem to fall below the top line. Generally I think it's a bad idea to have this as a "sub-page" to the TV series page, but I don't know how to fix it. Any comments?

Paul A: The problems you mention are general, not specific to this page. All "Film/" pages (indeed, all pages in non-Main namespaces) have displaced watch-list buttons, because of the way the page is laid out. And any time there are two different works with the same name, the namespace linker will link them to all of each other's stuff, because all it knows is that they have the same name. It's not just because the TV series is in the Main namespace — it would still happen if it were in the TV series namespace.

ccoa: The only thing that can be done is to bring it to Fast Eddie's attention.

ccoa: I really think we ought to move the series page to the Series namespace and make the Main page a disambiguation page. When I linked up this film I noticed a lot of the time the examples on the trope pages were pointing to the already existing Ultraviolet page. This is likely to happen again as time goes on.