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Are the machines really an Ancient Conspiracy? Overall, they don't so much "lurk in the shadows" as exist in a separate reality from the Matrix; and they don't have any reason to manipulate governments or industries inside the Matrix. I think a key element in the trope is that what you previously thought were "mundane" events were actually all part of the conspiracy's plan. —Document N

Meocross: I edited this mage and added abit extra into about Matrix dodging, sorry im not good at "link redirecting" some of you people may need to activate links on the obvious trope sentences

Anoniguy: I was thinking there's a case to be made for Only Sane Man in the form of Locke, or whatever his name is, the general in charge of Zion's defense. All of his plans to defend the settlement were rock solid and sensible, and if the council hadn't been obstructing him left and right would probably have worked. Stupidity Is the Only Option seems to be the rule in Zion.