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Kilyle: Pragmatic Adaptation could be fleshed out a bit. For example - taking the two books as a whole - it makes sense in the shortened film to include only one wandering Hero instead of two. I'm not updating that section myself because I'm in the middle of watching the movie right now and because I'm not sure my observations would be objective enough at the moment.

I am, however, kind of annoyed that Rincewind is an old man in this. I mean, I could see that version of the story, but... well, after reading the novel and the graphic novel, I got the impression that he wasn't to the stage of grey hairs yet. This "elderly man" bit upgrades his cowardice a notch or two in common sense, since he's dealing with a body that's not well equipped to run, jump, climb, and the like. But he was described somewhere as having a runner's body - long legs, probably tall and thin. I'm not really sure how to describe this point on the page.

Also, speaking only from the impression from the first two books so far: Rincewind seems to be an introvert who doesn't like to call undue attention to himself, and I cannot see him muscling his way to the front of an assembly he was late to. That seems utterly out of character and got the movie off on the wrong foot.

Doktor von Eurotrash: Fixed an annoying goof in the description: Rincewind and Twoflower are imprisoned in Krull, not in the Agatean Empire (I assume that's what the original article writer means with "Augustine Empire", which doesn't exist on the Disc).