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Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: If we cut this, we lose the list of tropes. There is no room for it in the Fan Fic Recommendation pages as currently laid out. Don't kill this.

Looney Toons: While I cannot speak for the other Cut Masters, I am not intending to delete this section. I will leave the cut list entries up for at least a week or two more to encourage further discussion, though, to see if consensus changes.

So It Begins: I don't see any reason to delete this. I go through TV Tropes and link stuff to The Mad Scientist Wars whenever I remember. The entry is too big to fit in the Fan Fic Recommendation pages (and I had to drill several levels down to get to it), and I've been trying to develop it into its own entry anyway, one with a proper tropes list and a good summary, etc.

Tinker: Planning on re-editing this soon. A full plot summary is too ugly-looking- likely down to a condensed summary, maybe add a Character Page, and I'd like to put some of the art put up. Expect this as soon as I muster up any energy....
(Tinker) Mad_Luc: Okay, the job, she is done. Not the finished product just yet, but a much more approachable page to look at. Considering how much time I spent on the original plot synopsis, It was hard to cut... but we have *those* on the dang forum anyways. Fell free to re-work it from here, but I like this as a base.