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Jean Grey has not only come back from the dead once. She has died and been reborn on multiple occasions.

Dragon Quest Z: The trope Back from the Dead means actually being killed off, not simply being resurrected thought powers or being faked through a cliffhanger. Even the Endsong series doesn't count, since it was not meant to bring her back, but to try and throw a bone to her fans and shut them up. In terms of actually being killed off, and being brought back, there are plenty of other characters that did that. Xavier was brought back more than once. Magneto even more so. Jean's just been painted as more than once by lazy and inattentive people.

Unknown Troper: The only difference between the first time Jean was killed off and resurected and the others is the time involved between death and rebirth, nothing else. The character has been killed and then reborn due to her Phoenix powers on multiple occasions. The first time it happened, she wasnt intended to be killed off for real or anything, it in itself was a cliffhanger to be resolved in the future. Hell, the second time she was killed off in Morrisons run she wasnt reborn for 150 years comic time. To try and claim that the first time was the only proper time to call this trope is using semantics at best to try and claim it doesnt happen as much as it does.

Dragon Quest Z: That's still not being brought back after being killed off. This is just using resurrection as a power. And Morrison shouldn't be trusted with how characters work since he derailed a lot of them. Heck, painting Jean as this probably started with him.

Charles Phipps: This page was a mess, so I did a lot of tweaking but did my best to keep the individual parts intact.

  • Specifically, he attempted to transform Magneto from a genteel villain into a genocidal monster whose time had passed. Emma Frost, he attempted to make the Deadpan Snarker despite earlier characterization as a surprisingly caring and polite woman.

Oh, yes, Emma was never snarky before. Come on. >>

  • Idiot Plot: Grant Morrison's final Magneto story was meant to be a final nail in the coffin of the character, suggesting he'd outgrown his role and Mutants no longer needed violent radicals like him. It was almost universally panned as making him a Complete Monster and being totally out of character.

Not universally. `-` Just some.