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Grimace: As absolutely friggin awesome as that image is (I mean...a gun that shoots swords!), part of me feels we should also put in a picture from Garth Ennis's run, particularly one of the grittier stories, ie. The Slavers or Up is Down and Black is White. Anyone got any suggestions?
  • I think it would be poignant to have the final panel from the Ennis run (Frank walking away from the eight corpses, with the caption from "Valley Forge, Valley Forge.")

Mate, I have lots of ideas. Pick yer poison. Should we go with the cover of The Slavers #4 which really tells it all? I'd like to put up something from The End as this is the definitive example of where Ennis is going with the character and pilitical views. If you want something a little less extreme how about The Tyger? Or maybe the iconic shot of Frank punching out a polar bear. If I had free choice I would put up the last image of Cristu Bulat for the big "fuuuuuuck fuuuuuuck fuuuuuuck fuuuuuuck fuuuuuuck" moment it illicits, but that would be far far too graphic.

Maybe the first panel of Widowmaker when Frank muses some of the things he did.

Unknown Troper: Slavers #4 cover. All the way.

Grimace: Slavers #4 is Frank "studying" the anatomy textbook right? If we're going for covers I reckon that mirrors the tone of the MAX imprint rather well. Either that or a generic "Frank" cover (like from Barracuda #1, or one of the ones from Widowmaker). The reason I mentioned Slavers or UIDABIW before is they have (in my opinion) the best artwork by far, so thought they'd look the purdyest ;P

Should we put Franks Death in Dark Reign: The Punisher under Rasputin Death? It seems... appropriate (temporary as it is, it involves multiple dismemberments, explosives, gunfire and a decapitation)

Grimace: Haven't seen it myself, but from what I've read it took a bucketload of effort to finally keep Frank down, so I'd say that fits.