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Pro-Mole: Does The Doctor Dolittle really apply? I mean... giving that virtually anyone can talk with animals, it seems that animals really talk(making this Talking Animals instead).

djtrousdale: Bone definitely contains some Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, funny, and awesome... I'm going to have to read it all again to find them.

Pro-Mole: Crowning Moment of Awesome: several, including when Thorn cuts Kingdok's arm. Also, maybe some moment when all the dragons beat Mim may apply.

Crowning Moment of Funny: the first scene with the giant bees. Really. Or, even better, the "harsh winter"(if you've read, you know. =D)
"Oh God, they've already milked you, haven't they?"

Any consensus on Screw Destiny? Because it seems like Thorn does her own thing.