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04/30/2013 08:04:12 •••

Chimera Ant


Togashi is a genius. Not because of the quality of the series, but because of the success, because I don't think any other Mangaka could get away with such a subpar mess of an arc (and a manga) and have it still be looked at as one of the greats (to some even the BEST ONGOING I'll try to make that as rude as this review gets but I make no promises.

This arc isn't just the worst arc in HXH it's possibly the worst arc I've seen in any work of fiction. It's pacing is god awful, the story comes out of nowhere, the good characters are swept to the side while the unbearable ones take the lead, and the conclusion was so disappointing and anti-climatic I almost dropped the series (thankfully the arc after it was a breath of fresh air)

For starters this arc last to long for an arc that's the ultimate or pen ultimate arc. 132 chapters? really? And that's not even bad enough, half of the chapters in this arc are practically nothing but text boxes EXPLAINING situations rather than conveying them. this is a problem throughout the series, but it really shows here that Togashi has a problem with letting characters express themselves and feels the need to complicate things to sound like he's a deep writer.

Then for the majority of the arc our heroes are doing practically nothing but fail, in fact they would have completely lost the battle had the strongest guy they had NOT die. That's right they win by having the strongest weapon getting murked by the antagonist. That's not even getting into Knuckle who spends the entire arc pretending to be strong and then bitching and whining and ultimately failing at everything he attempts. Even our main protagonist is not spared as he only wins his fight through an Eleventh Hour Superpower bullshit ploy, that somehow gets praises.

also I understand the ANTagonist is suppose to be a more complex character, but that doesn't excuse the poor ending to all the terror of the arc. After seeing him become utterly unstoppable he goes out through poison...not even one attempt to combat him...

unfortunately 400 words are not enough to truly comprehend everything that makes this arc so bad, in fact the things that ruin this arc are also the things that ruin the entire series but that's for a muuch lengthier discussion.

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