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11/09/2013 14:00:28 •••

This show needs to be cancelled

I'm going to skip the reviews of the first three seasons and the movie, since I believe they are impressive. Now don't get me started with the heavy Flanderization.

The writers think that fans would still love the characters even if they are turned into jerks and pests, but they were wrong. The episodes turned from awesome, funny, comfortable to watch with great endings, into a g-rated Sadist Show with mean-spirited endings (Good Neighbors, A Pal For Gary, and Sponge Cano). Bikini Bottom has now become a Crapsack World filled with jerks, bullies, and apathetic people. Also racist too (they make jokes about land creatures like Sandy).

  • Spongebob went from a lovable keet to an annoying man-child, who makes it look like he appears to annoy others on purpose. He is also Lethally Stupid and shows no remorse for the damages and/or injuries he causes to others. " That is why I didn't pity him in the episode when Mrs. Puff tried to murder him.

  • Patrick has turned from a loyal, affable best friend to a (very) idiotic jerkass who is a walking Diabolus Ex Machina for other characters. If Spongebob doesn't annoy Squidward, then it's Patrick taking the role.

  • Mr. Krabs used to be a greedy business manager who had a heart and cared about the health and the well-being of others. Now, people are wishing for Plankton to steal his formula.

  • As for Squidward, in the earlier seasons, he was a Jerkass to Spongebob and him suffering was his fault and well deserved. He actually cared about Spongebob some times. In the later seasons, he now harasses Spongebob and the others even when they don't bother him. Now he gets punished for even being disagreeable, but gets off scott-free in episodes "Can You Spare A Dime" and "Grandma's Cookies."

  • Mrs. Puff used to be a sane character who would help Spongebob. Now she even tries to kill him just to get him out of her life for good. Although she has gotten psycho, it's hard not to pity her since Spongebob usually ruins her life, gets her in jail, and gets her put into the hospital, with no remorse. I hope I never see Mrs. Puff act the way she did in "Demolition Doofus" again.

  • To me, Sandy and Gary are the only exceptions in that show who aren't very annoying or jerks.

The show should have been cancelled after the movie since it had a great & accurate ending.

01/07/2013 00:00:00

I'm sorry but I don't agree this review. You should look on the bright side, not the dark side. First of, there's still a few good episodes here. Secondly, most of the bad characterization are Depending On The Writer. They aren't like this most of the times. In some episodes, Spongebob was actually pretty clever, some episodes, he's as dumb as pre-season 3 Patrick. Seriously, what's the big deal about making Patrick WAY TOO dumb? Mr. Krab wasn't always that evil in a few episodes. Can You Spare A Dime and Grandma's Cookies are all pre-movie episodes. Finally, you forgot to mention about Plankton.

01/12/2013 00:00:00


Because he's so dumb that he isn't even funny anymore. And also, the good episodes after the movie are very few. And it's bad characterization not matter which writer. Just for different peop;e. The show should end.

02/17/2013 00:00:00

I agree with Awesomekid42...f—- the new Spongebob. Why can't nick just cancel the show already?

11/09/2013 00:00:00

I feel that there are still some good episodes after the movie, but very few, and overall, the show should end already.

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