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08/02/2017 00:05:11 •••

The most boring thing in existence?

This show suffers from one huge flaw - its not funny. It is not realism that it acheives, it simply comes across as a very dull show. I am unsure if any attempt was ever made to actually try and turn this show into something humourous, but from what I have seen of the last few elusive seasons it seems the whole series was as stuck up and unable to change as its protagonist. And boy, what a hero he is.

Some argue that Peter Griffin of Family Guy is a poor father and monstrous husband. This is true, but this is made totally clear in the show that he is a total bastard whose views are moronic and not condoned by the writers. Similar complaints hace been made against Homer Simpson, however again we find that Homer's bad qualities are satire and that the moments where he is shown to be a kind and thoughtful man are closer to his dim but pleasant character. Stan of American Dad is a complete monster, yet this is funny as his character is a parody of the right-wing in general.

Hank Hill is worse than both of the above. He is neglectful, abusive, racist, rude and hugely unpleasant. He disrepects the opinions of all others and has no problem pompously telling people to lead their lives like he leads his own. He is right wing, fat and balding with delusions of greatness. Surely this must be some more clever humour,

No. Just No. The writers of King Of The Hill fully support Hank Hill and portray everything he does as "the right thing to do." Every single episode ends with Hank forcing his view upon someone and learning nothing himself. Then everyone appluads him for "enlightening" them. What a bastard. Occasionally the show will make a small joke poking fun at Hanks character, but thats it. The supporting characters are extremely boring and the plotlines and almost too dull to pay attention to. Even the animation is drab and poor quality.

I failed to find anything in this entire series funny. It lacks the surreal hilarity of Family Guy, the wit of The Simpsons non-recent episodes, the intelligence of Futurama, the relevance of South Park or any actual humour. Am I supposed to laugh at Peggy believing she can speak another language? Hahaha, how HILARIOUS. She cant speak Spanish at all!!! Oh lord the laughs never stop coming, do they?

Avoid King Of The Hill, it is a boring, objectionable little show.

07/08/2010 00:00:00

Which show are you watching? Hank was never neglectful, abusive, or racist. He may have been rude and unpleasant, and was quite often, but he was none of the first three. He's also not "fat" or "balding" (are you thinking of Bill?) either. Really, if your review comes down to criticizing how the character looks, then you probably have nothing real to criticize.

07/10/2010 00:00:00

"Really, if your review comes down to criticizing how the character looks "

Not to mention he didn't even get how he looks right.

09/18/2010 00:00:00

Worst. Review. Ever.

09/19/2010 00:00:00

Looks like the reviewer watched King of the Hill expecting some kind of over the top cookie cutter comedy.

And is butthurt he couldn't get it.

09/19/2010 00:00:00

I'm gonna kick your ass

10/19/2010 00:00:00

This show is dull. as. fuck.

03/06/2011 00:00:00

South Park? Relevant? That's a laugh.

03/06/2011 00:00:00

I know it is a cheap remark to say that "someone just doesn't get the show", so I'll pretend that isn't the crux of my argument. The show does not always agree with Hank Hill. In fact it rarely does. The show revolves around showing Hank Hill's flaws: narrow-mindedness and stubborness. Most of the episodes (and the jokes) depict Hank being confronted by something he is totally unable to comprehend, like homosexuality or premiscuity amoung old folk. But whilst we laugh at his ignorance, we aren't supposed to despise the man. Despite his limited world view and his awkwardness, he is still a decent, loving husband and father who we can sympathise with. He isn't a bad guy, and he is never malicious in his ignorance.

We all know a guy like that somewhere: Hank Hill was based on a guy the creators knew, and this isn't the first time they have joked around with the guy (He features in Beavis And Butthead as well.

Oh, and "He is right wing, fat and balding with delusions of greatness"? Aren't you describing Homer Simpson there?

08/01/2017 00:00:00

How exactly is it boring when one of the main characters is a Right-Wing Militia Fanatic, one has case of Motor Mouth, another is a clinically depressed army barber, the Megalo-Mart propane explosion, all the celebrities Hank met (ex. Willie Nelson), Luanne was visited by an angel, the crazy meat inspectors, the schizophrenic meat mogul, Buck Stricklands illegal or shady dealings, Ho, Yeah!, and more?

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