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10/16/2012 16:46:25 •••

Good stuff some flaws.

Love the game. Ditto for the series. I even love the storyline (dunno why alot of people are so down on it. Maybe they're just jelly ;]).

I found Diablo and Azmodan in this game to be rather hammy; not in itself a bad thing, but they took it up to a point that was not well-suited to the characters IMO.

The followers are a bit less powerful than the Hirelings from Diablo 2, and they really cease to be of any real use in later difficulties, but as characters they each have their own charms.

With Imperius, Archangel of Valor at the helm the High Heavens have not fared well, especially not once Diablo makes his return, but I love him all the same. Definitely my favorite. :)

I'm kinda curious how the various player character classes fit into the whole shebang. With Diablo 1 we know that the Warrior was the one to canonically defeat Diablo, but what of 2 and 3? Haven't really looked into it, maybe I should...

As I suppose it should be, Inferno is quite difficult if you aren't kitted out with the best equipment money can buy. And you will have to buy it because the best items only drop in the later parts of Acts 3 and 4, both of which feature swarms of monsters and elites that can casually curbstomp the unprepared (not that Acts 1 and 2 didn't, but 3/4 more so).

As it's always been, the inter-player economy (or whatever you wanna call it) is completely screwed up, exemplified by the Auction House, where a few thousand copies of any given piece of Vendor Trash can be found for sale for millions if not billions of gold no matter how useless it may be.

The worst thing about it is the entirely online nature of the game, meaning lots and lots of lag, the frequent interruptions of bots sending you messages and friend requests to advertise some site or other that sells equipment for a few gajillion real world dollars apiece. And the problem of the servers being down.

But that's just the side stuff.

Overall 7/10. Great game, save for the aforementioned problems.

10/16/2012 00:00:00

I think the storyline gets hate because of the delivery (e.g. hamminess) and because you are forced through it every time you play, seeing the same hamminess over and over until you've mentally noted every annoying thing about it. The story itself is just so-so...good enough and not really any worse than D2 or D1. The delivery, however, is utterly abysmal.

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