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08/21/2012 22:49:38 •••

There is one main problem with most Conversion Bureau fics

The ponies are portrayed as being perfect whereas in the show they have the same flaws and other characteristics as humans so that people watching the show can relate to them. Sure, the ponies in the show are mostly nice to each other and have few problems, but this seems to be due to their culture and their effective government rather than their natures. Most humans are also mostly nice to each other in day to day life and human evils usually occur on a larger scale, like pollution by corporations and needless wars conducted by governments, or are due to lesser sins like apathy and greed. These lesser sins are present in ponies in the show as well, and the only reason they're not present in these fics is, I suspect, because of the authors' misanthropy and desire for Wish Fulfillment. I'm certain that many people will find them entertaining for these reasons, but the simplicity of the themes and lack of purpose beyond escapism and indulgence in misanthropy in most of these fics means that they're not good art.

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