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08/01/2010 23:44:03 •••

Fun, intriguing, and certainly the best Breeniverse show

KateModern is a rare creature: a Vlog Series that both ran for a significant length of time, and managed to maintain a detailed and engaging storyline with some surprising twists.

A word of advice: do not watch the season 2 trailer, unless you like spoilers. It was compiled after the show ended, and spoils some of the best twists of the series.

KateModern has been described as "an English lonelygirl15". This is misleading. While it takes place in the same universe, and makes use of the video blog format, KateModern features its own original story, and arguably owes as much to British situation comedy and soap operas as it does to its sister series on YouTube.

The show places a lot of emphasis on the lives of the characters, whether they're going about their everyday jobs, running from evil cultists or investigating a murder. Despite the name, the show revolves around Kate's friends and their acquaintances, an assortment of characters who are funny, lovable, sometimes sinister, sometimes sweet, and always memorable.

The soundtrack is a mixture of electronica and alternative rock, and sets the tone nicely without being intrusive. The characters all seem to be fans of Sneaky Sound System, for some reason, which means their songs are quite prominent.

The show was mainly funded by Product Placement, which can be pretty intrusive at times, particularly earlier on. As a whole, the series improves over time; although the early episodes are fun, they are also slowed by baggage carried over from lonelygirl15 (the most intrusive being that series' abandoned superpowers arc). KateModern really comes into its own about a quarter of the way into the first season, however, and just keeps getting better from then onwards.

It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but KateModern is one of the best web series out there, superior to lonelygirl15 in every respect. At times dark, at times moving, and at times hilarious, this is an innovative and inventive series which I enjoyed very much. I highly recommend it.

04/22/2009 00:00:00

Nice review! Now we wait patiently for Bobby G to roll by. ;-)

I thought you gave up on the series?

04/23/2009 00:00:00

Thank you!

I gave up on LG 15 The Resistance. KM was much better.

08/01/2010 00:00:00

I too gave up during LG 15 The Resistance . . . it was around the fourth week or so. I also agree that the Kate Modern was the better than Lonelygirl15 (though that show does have a certain place in my heart d: ) . . . I will say though that, in my opinion, while the first season was great, it was Kate Modern's second season that really shines. :D

(sigh) I miss this show.

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