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08/09/2012 07:05:17 •••

No one tried

I have to feel bad for Joel Schumacher. He wanted to make an adaption of Batman Year One. Warner Brothers made him make Btman Forever, and then this. I have to wonder if he was really trying, because none of the actors were and he let them all get away with it.

I really liked Batman and Robin when it first came out. I was very small at the time. When I saw it again as a teenager, I was enjoying it for the first few minutes. Then something happened.

Batman and Robin clipped their feet together, and out of their boots skates.

The movie had just out Admam Wested the Adam West Batman, and not in a way that was cute or funny like the 60s show.

It stinks. It makes no sense. Robin is a beepity beep. Arnold is the best part, being unintentionally funny, though in a bad way. Bane is just insulting, though also at times unintentionally funny. I wouldn't say that it 'raped my childhood,' but it is near impossible to enjoy for anyone over the age of seven.

Batman and Robin is the most glorified toy commercial ever, and it rightly killed the franchise. If you see it, be sure to have a rifftrax commentary playing.

08/09/2012 00:00:00

I liked this movie when I was little, not so much now. Not as good as Forever though which is still not so bad.

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