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11/05/2013 03:16:21 •••

I want to like this

I bought Dragon Age on release day, eagerly installed it and dove into one of the backstories.
And I basically haven't played it since.
Don't get me wrong, there's nothing inherently bad about the game, but I do find a certain set of the inevitable issues it does have to ruin the experience for me.
The combat is a slog. Most of the environments have way too much grey. The setting is basically keystone Medieval Europe fantasy, a setting I'm getting increasingly tired with.

I do however, love a lot of the party members. On the whole, they're well-written, interesting and have great voice acting. Also a fair few of the moral choices are at least interesting and have consequences that can catch you off guard.
But I just get really goddamn bored of the combat. And the combat is the main focus of the game.
I want to like this. I really do. But it just doesn't work for me.

07/27/2012 00:00:00

I hate the combat too. So much so that I turned the difficulty down to casual just to make it go by faster. I find the story and the characters to be interesting enough to keep playing.

As an aside on the combat, I'm playing it on the 360, and there seems to be no pause function (aside from bringing up the radial menu). I found that made combat extraordinarily clunky and frustrating, because I had so much trouble issuing commands to each of four squad members in the heat of battle. I've read that there is a pause feature on the PC, but I'm not certain of this having never played it on PC.

07/27/2012 00:00:00

There is a pause function on PC, exactly like in every previous Bioware rpg. The console port for this game was supposedly really terrible so I guess they didn't bother figuring out how to adapt the parts that are supposed to work with a mouse for controllers.

11/05/2013 00:00:00

Honestly, what Joban Grayskull said. The Easy mode is there for a reason. Don't repeat my mistake of being too proud to use it.

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