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06/08/2012 20:20:57 •••

A rare ecchi I can honestly read again and again

I'm not someone who goes out seeking ecchi titles in the least, but I stumbled across Futari Ecchi through this website and thought, "Okay, no genitals are going to be shown. I guess I'll go ahead and look at it." It took a bit, but I got used to it, and I thought it was an okay series.

Then I stumbled to another of Katsu Aki's works, the titular Love Lucky, and said, "Okay, this looks intriguing," so I looked it up.

I gotta say, it's much better than Futari Ecchi. While Futari Ecchi showed us the life of a married couple and how sex works, Love Lucky actually has a consisting plot about an everyday man married to a national idol, and his idol to boot, though not for the fame of being an idol's spouse, but because he truly does love her for who she really is. Being a sucker for romance, I fell in love with the concept and at how this time we weren't reminded every chapter about who was who unlike the aforementioned series. And the sex, while present, wasn't as common as it was in Futari Ecchi, and was honestly more pleasing to the eye.

I also really love the characters this time around. The two main characters are likeable, the side characters are loveable (those who had their own screentime with Fuuta and Kirari anyway), though I do wish a few of them were more well-rounded than they were, but what can you do. The conflict is also neat to look into, since we never really do think about the married life of a celebrity, even if it's touched about in real life from time to time. Don't know how realistic it is, but I like the idea.

And the best part is it's only seven volumes and is available fully online, so it's not as never-ending and scarce as Futari Ecchi is—for me, anyway.

While not recommended, it does need the love, so one viewing will be enough.

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