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05/15/2012 21:12:02 •••

Humans Are Bastards: The 'Verse

Well, what can I say that the title of this review doesn't?

Oh yes, let's start with how the Mane Six are portrayed in the original fic. They are seriously OOC; each and everyone of them somehow become hardcore xenophobes, even Pinkie Pie.

There are other issues, such as how the moral issues are completely ignored. But there is not enough space to go into detail here.

The fics by Chatoyance are, in my opinion, the worst of this abominable series. They are laden with flowery prose that edges into Purple Prose territory. But that is the least of these fics' problems. In addition, the show's canon is pretty much ignored and a huge amount of fanon and Fan Wank used in its place. In addition, the ponies and their supporters are almost always shown as being heroic, even if they are doing decidely unheroic things. Finally, and most glaringly, the author's views on GLBT issues, environmental issues, technology, etc, are delivered with the grace and subtlety of a rain of anvils.

All in all, The Conversion Bureau and most of its spinoffs, especially those by Chatoyance are more or less tracts about how Humans Are Bastards and Humans Are Morons and how humans suck and how Earth is a Crapsack World. And these messages are as subtle as two fully loaded freight trains in a head on collision. Finally, most of them carry the unfortunate message that genocide is okay.

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