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05/14/2012 07:40:08 •••

Interesting idea, but not all that good

The concept behind Adventures In The Magic Kingdom is one I really like: you travel through Disneyland and go on various rides that are essentially minigames, changing Disneyland from simply an amusement park to a series of actual adventures. Sadly, the actual gameplay doesn't hold up.

I get the impression this game was made by one of Capcom's less talented teams, and in a bit of a hurry. Odd design decisions such as including a time limit that can only be seen on the pause screen, jumping and movement physics that are a bit stiff and weird in the platforming segments, only 5 rather short levels, and a presentation that leaves a bit to be desired. In other words, it's a quick cash-in on an otherwise intriguing concept.

Naturally, my favorite parts of the game are the two platforming levels, but they leave a lot to be desired. I like how the "rules" change slightly for each of them - rescuing hostages, and starting out unarmed separates Pirates Of The Caribbean from The Haunted Mansion, which instead has you armed from the start and following a more linear path as you replenish your candle ammo. On the other hand, the jumping is just not as tight as Capcom's other games, and the mechanics overall feel a bit floaty and off.

The rest of the game is worse. Autopia has very awkward driving controls. You hold A and push up to increase speed, and then cruise without having to push A again unless you bump into something or stop. Meanwhile, other cars move erractically and get knocked off course in ways that don't make sense.

Thunder Mountain has you controlling a train that travels down a track automatically, limiting your controls to "brake" and "change course". Not all that good. And Space Mountain is straight-up Press X To Not Die and nothing else!

The concept is certainly interesting, and I did enjoy seeing adventure-themed attractions turned into actual adventures, but this game didn't do enough with it. Sadly, the game is rushed, resulting in a below-average product with limited scope, awkward physics/mechanics/controls, and poor gameplay. A shame to see such a neat concept squandered like that.

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