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03/26/2012 11:24:40 •••

An excellent RPG

Dragon Age Origins is one of the best CRP Gs in recent years, not only having excellent gameplay, but also having a well-constructed fantasy world.

The overarching plot is the standard battle against the forces of evil- as a Gray Warden, you must fight the Darkspawn and defeat the Archdemon leading them- but the world in which it takes place has quite a bit of depth. In order to gain an army to stop the Blight, you must go to many places and solve their crises, such as a Dwarven city locked in a political power struggle.

The moral decisions you face are one of the more interesting parts of the game. There are times when itís obvious whatís right and wrong, but in others, the morals may be more gray, or one choice may have unexpected consequences. The absence of a Karma Meter forces you to think about your choices. Is it truly the right thing? Will it help you achieve your goal of fighting the Darkspawn? Will your companions stand for it? These questions require critical thinking, a rare accomplishment for a video game, as charitable decisions can no longer be made for a karma boost, and selfish decisions are more tempting if no one can judge you.

The combat system is well-made and interesting. You have a wide selection of talents and spells to choose from, enabling you to choose from many different ways to fight your enemies, and while there are only three classes, each has the possibility for many different builds. The companions are well-developed and interesting, having diverse backstories, moral codes beyond a simple good and evil alignment, and interests. In order to earn their approval, as well as possibly their love, you must understand them as individuals.

There are some flaws to this game, though. The game sometimes crashes, and has many bugs in the endgame. Many of the side quests, particularly those on the job boards, are not particularly interesting, in contrast to the more exciting plot quests. The skill system is also not as well done as in other Bio Ware games; only Persuade and Survival are of vital necessity throughout the game. Mages are somewhat overpowered, which, in addition to the balance issues, also discourages players from playing through as other origins.

Despite them, Dragon Age is well worth purchasing if you're a fan of RP Gs.

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