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03/21/2012 09:17:22 •••

This game WAS my childhood.

Returning to this game brings back barrels full of nostalgia, which likely impacts my opinion of the game. But in all honesty, this game is one of the best I've ever played.

Story: I find it actually has MORE depth than Ocarina of Time due to the three leaps in time, rather than one, and the traveling between them. Torras' backstory with wars and such, as well as the Res Historicae scattered throughout the town also flesh out the story some more, not to mention the PD Fs.

Graphics: Considering this is a 1999 game, it has AMAZING graphics. The characters are very fake-looking, as Plamobils, but their heads take the cake, with 3D-appearing faces on 2D heads. But you know what they say: Playing a game for its graphics is like watching porn for its story!

Gameplay: I wish this game had WASD controls, rather than clunky arrow key controls. It would be nice to strafe while swinging away sometimes. The game is very linear, which is okay, but could be improved on. The only side quests are destroying beehives and getting the speedboots, which is a bit of a disappointment. A multiplayer mode would be awesome. The game also requires very little strategy. You essentially just go in swinging, and maybe time your attacks properly, and you're fine. But it WAS designed for children, so what else do you expect?

Characters: Cute and lovable characters all around! Like many games, Hype's personality isn't yours to decide. Instead, he is as heroic as they come, with bleach-white morality, which I personally like. To go through all the characters would take up all the word count, so I'll just say: 10/10 here!


This game is just about as fun as they come, and although it was made for children, it's enjoyable regardless of your age (unless you're one of those FPS maniacs who won't play anything else), and sometimes can really offer a challenge! It's got excellent depth, and deserves a modern remake. I'd recommend it to EVERYONE.

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