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02/21/2012 07:29:40 •••

Not nearly as bad as everyone claims it is

This series is often called out for the sole fact that Marcus didn't wear goggles. Also, the fact that the animation was different. Those who claim it's a terrible series because of this obviously don't realize one simple thing: Digimon Adventure wasn't the first Digimon-related thing with humans, and Tai certainly wasn't the first hero. As a matter of fact, given the animation style, Marcus would've looked just plain ridiculous with goggles, let's admit it.

The story's good, and while the first few episodes are rather strange, they're still much more enjoyable than in Digimon Tamers, where the first few episodes were just plain boring. For one thing, just look at how HOTBLOODED it is. Marcus punches people in the face all the freaking time. Really, this season just breathes awesomeness.

Also, it was the first Digimon season that really had Nausea Fuel in it, at least for me. Specifically, the scene where Kurata comes out of... that... thing. You know, Belphemon.

Unlike Digimon Tamers, the characters are actually likable and it doesn't try oh-so-hard to be Darker And Edgier. As a matter of fact, I honestly believe this season was darker than the third season. As a matter of fact, if there is an eighth season and it's even darker than Digimon Tamers, then everyone will most likely ignore it, this wiki especially. Any dark Magical Girl series other than Madoka Magica gets the same treatment.

Like Digimon Frontier, it's way too underrated. Again, coming from the girl who obviously just hated Digimon Tamers and believes it's way too overrated, you'd think I wouldn't like this season, but I do.

02/10/2012 00:00:00

Perhaps if you used this review as less of a vehicle to bash Tamers and actually discussed the good qualities of Savers more in-depth, it would have been more effective.

And people do have more problems with Savers than just the lack of Masaru's goggles, you know. Like how it takes quite a number of episodes to actually establish a plot. Like how the beginning arcs had too much focus on Masaru and Agumon. Like how the series does contain a few Shonen cliches. As my review below says, however, it's still my second favorite, below only (surprise) Tamers.

While I agree that Savers is darker, Tamers is quite a bit more mature. It's characters are better written, and it spends a lot more time building them and its own unique little world, which is the entire purpose of those initial episodes, whereas with Savers, it's all action, action, action. The cast of Tamers has to think about the consequences of their actions and how they'll affect others; Savers characters do not. That's why it's the better season for me.

02/11/2012 00:00:00

Digimon Adventure wasn't the first Digimon-related thing with humans, and Tai certainly wasn't the first hero.

Wasn't the V-Tamer 01 manga the first Digimon-related thing with a human hero who was Taichi? Not counting Cmon Digimon, which I consider as a "pilot" for V-Tamer 01 anyway.

And yes, this is more of a troll review to bash Tamers and shill Savers, despite the fact that everything it says is shallow. "Who cares about being mature, interesting and well written? Savers is Hot Blooded and awesome and has lots of physical ACTION!" is what I'm getting from this. And you say it doesn't try so hard to be Darker And Edgier? Dude, I'd call a hero who punches people and a villain who commits genocide and permenatly kills off digimon to be REALLY trying to out-edge Tamers.

02/21/2012 00:00:00

''Adventure'' did that job better than ''Tamers'',with characters having to think about their actions.I'd say the Myotismon and Dark Masters arcs of the original season did a better job at delivering action and CharacterDevelopment than anything both seasons could do

Tamers doesn't really round out any of the characters other than Takato until about "Jeri's Quest" and it's Leomon's death that truly starts to take advantage of that. By that point in Adventure,the original seven already were showing development. Tamers also decided not to develop half the main cast in favor of side guys like Impmon and Jyanyu

Savers is also action,but the shonen cliches rather than something all that creative.

Not to say these two suck,both are just overrated greatly. I mean Tai also punched people all the time,but it wasn't excessively like Marcus and usually it was deserved. Sure Tai wasn't always brooding about losing about Agumon at first like Takato or crushing after someone,but I dunno that episode where Sora gets kidnapped by Datamon more than gives Tamers a run for its money.

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