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12/29/2009 17:54:48 •••

Swooping Is Bad.

This game is simply brilliant.

Cheap thing to say, but I can certainly back it up. Firstly, the introduction, you start off with a choice of six very well-written (if slightly predictable. This means you, Human Noble) origin stories. In these, you will typically be introduced to some rounded, three-dimensional characters, and either get to stick them with the razor-sharp witty comments the Bioware writers came up with or treat them nicely.

You'll also get to participate in a bit of fighting, and the combat system is mostly incredibly well-handled, you can choose between the standard Fighter/Mage/Rogue classes, and as a Rogue/Fighter you get a variety of cool ways to wave your sword/axe/dagger around and kill people (Occasionally, for some bosses and rarely a Mook, you get an amazing death animation when you kill them. Something the mage is sadly deprived of). As a Mage you usually pick up a staff and blast your enemies with your slightly weak spells (This is remedied later on, where depending on your spell choices when you level up, you can literally annihilate your enemies with only two moves. Can be reduced to one if you have sufficient breathing room to cast it). Occasionally the difficulty level is misleading. You can be playing on the easiest level, but don't expect that boss character to not require two attempts after a Total Party Kill.

The main story follows Bioware's usual formula, big event happens at the beginning. You are given a couple of companions and three or so things to do that you may accomplish in any order to advance the plot. Just as it was in Mass Effect and both Kot O Rs.

The companions are what make the game though. You get a total of 9 from all the races in Ferelden, most of them are optional, although I highly recommend getting them all just to hear them chatting with each other. Almost all of the conversations are Crowning Moment Of Funny material. Those that aren't (And there are only about...2?) could be TearJerkers.

The romance subplots are things of beauty. Perhaps the best written one being between a female PC and Alistair. With emotionally moving moments throughout, along with the occasional bit of humour. Rather than spoil, find out for yourself.

Anyway, I have few words left. Damn word count, I bet it'll cut me off mid-sentence. To conclude, th

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