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12/28/2012 18:44:58 •••

Breakneck pace = Most Triumphant Understatement for this film.

Holy moly, does this film move fast. Everything, from a light dash for a cat to a twisty-turning Mac Guffin battle, is FAST. Remember how quick paced Raiders Of The Lost Ark felt? Then imagine watching all the Indiana Jones films on fast forward as quick as you can in the space of an hour. Imagine doing that as the first time you watched the films. That's how fast Tintin is.

That's not to say that the film is bad, I liked it, and the battles can be impressive, but they go nonstop for quite a while. You really appreciate the "rest" scenes as such, and it's telling that the part of the film that everyone I asked seemed to love was the pirate battle, which was slower and focused more in dramatic motion and spectacle. But the most fatiguing scene was the hawk chase, which was done all in one shot (which done wrong, can make one grow tired faster) and comes after so many action scenes that by then our senses are all but worn out & numbed. At least Mr. Spielberg has better action choreography than Michael Bay.

The motion capture has highs and lows. Everyone except Tintin & Snowy look good, & are cartoony enough that we don't mind their over-realism. I especially liked that each henchman had their own distinct look, helping make them characters even in the role of Mooks. (And am I the only one who thought the villain looked uncannily like Steven Spielberg himself?)

I noticed a lot of the audience in my screening was families with little kids, but there's some debate over whether this film is for them or not. It's established early on that this is a world where bad guys carry automatic weapons, good guys keep guns too, and those who are hit by them will die. On the other hand, sometimes the physics is cartoony enough to allow for gags like a guy getting spun around by a propellor, just seconds after that propellor nearly took Tintin's head off. There's also plenty of alcohol gags, so it's really up to debate whether it's an appropriate film for kids or not. (Me, I cheered on the T-rex eating the lawyer when I was six.)

Overall, Tintin is fun, but prepare for action, IT'S NONSTOP. (Oh, and Andy Serkis is the film's best actor.)

12/27/2012 00:00:00

There is a difference between clearly stating your opinions on a work and saying that you dislike something before reading it. The latter is a troll review, the former is not.

12/27/2012 00:00:00

(For anyone who reads afterward, doctrainAUM was responding to a disgruntled fellow whose comment was deleted.)

12/28/2012 00:00:00

I thought the pace is kind of slow. The movie tends to hang around in one particular area for quite a long time, and it seems to take half an hour just to get off of the ship.

12/28/2012 00:00:00

Perhaps it was after the boat that it really picked up. Or that the actual trips from one place to another were very sudden. Whichever it was, it led me to prefer the slower mystery parts versus the spinning action.

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