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12/03/2011 20:52:53 •••

A very interesting game with a compelling story

Fans of the River City Ransom/Kunio Kun series will most likely remember chibified characters running around and beating the snot out of each other, whether is on the streets or in sporting events. This game has a unique charm because of its plot being well-developed. The story involves Kunio and Riki being framed for a hit-and-run incident. After they realized that someone planned said incident, they bust out of jail and try to clear their names. Along the way, they find out some shocking events and secrets dealing with the destruction of Nekketsu High School and Kunio's long lost brother. Plenty of drama and action in this game abound.

In terms of gameplay, the controls can be a bit iffy for first time players until they practice a little; after that, things get more interesting. There are four playable characters in the game: Kunio, Riki, Misako, and Kyoko. Each character has their own set of two special moves: a kicking variant and a punching variant and they are quite kickass in my opinion. They have their own set of strengths and weaknesses as all beat-em-up characters do. The objective is to fight your way through mooks to the next section of the level your in. Although the healing material (i.e. food or first aid) is not present in the game, the characters will heal after certain intervals of the game. Finally, there are some parts where your character(s) can ride on a motorcycle to ride to the next destination while fending off enemies who are also on the road.

In my opinion, the music suits whatever situation the characters are in and the graphics are very nice with the characters and background. Instead of the characters being chibified (not that it's bad), they have a more realistic, yet suitable stature that fits well with the atmosphere in the game. There are few voice clips that were simple and okay as well. You choose to start on Normal or Easy before you play; if you and/or you partner die, you can restart from where you left. The passwords are another feature in the game (press start to see the password on the screen).

This is one of the games that got me interested in the River City Ransom/Kunio Kun series (the others being Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu and Super Dodgeball(Neo Geo)). I reccommend this to beat-em-up fans and River City Ransom fans.

This is my first review in general. Farewell for now!

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