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11/24/2011 02:45:37 •••

When suddenly - VAMPIRES!

There's a copy of this book in every library in Lancashire. Giving up my quest for Shadow Of Saganami and settling for this, it was a perfectly acceptable military scifi for the first 98% of the book.

Yes, the Gun Porn, Infodumps and so on were in full force, but it has "David Weber" on the cover so you knew that going in. There's brave last stands and noble sacrifices and daring ambushes and so on and so on and it's great, it's exactly what you were looking for, and there's a plague, will it destroy humanity, how are our heroes going to get out of this, there's only thirty pages left.. wait, what? Vampires? Really?

Saying that it illustrates the futility of resistance once your high orbitals are under enemy control in missing the point. I don't want to read about how we need to be saved by a mysterious and hitherto unmentioned force. It felt forced and clumsy, and destroyed my enjoyment of the book. My advice? Read it, and when you find yourself reading about the inexplicable slaughter of a Shongairi base, put the book down and make up your own ending. It'll be far more satisfying than "Vampires save the day!"

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