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08/01/2011 16:23:42 •••

Good Movie and Creepy Too

This review has spoilers: Insidious is definitely worth watching. The movie is pretty creepy and the fact that it has an extra creepy soundtrack (composed by the guy who plays the main demon) probably helps out. Depending on how easily scared you are; you might not want to watch it at night. I also like the fact that this is a very rare haunted house film where once the protagonists realize that creepy things are going down, they actually try moving. Of course that doesn't work, since the scary ghosts are following the couple's son around because they really want to possess his body. And because his soul has been separated from his body, they can do that soon. There's also the demon who likes to hurt people for fun and is the closest to being able to posses the kid. I like that the ghosts are haunting one specific person, and not just a house. The film explores astral projection too, which I haven't seen that much of outside of the TV series Charmed. I also liked the no one in the movie is ridiculously stupid. The father does get the Idiot Ball though at the end of the film and it's very bad since he gets possessed by the old woman. But this film does avoid a lot of usual horror cliches like "Hey, let's split up" or "Hey, let's have sex while the a serial killer/supernatural entity loose that wants us dead." The father does go into the Further by himself to save his son, but that's justified since he's the only one who can astral project.

The makeup they use for the ghosts and demons is pretty good and it's nice to see a film that isn't over-using CGI. The demon is especially monstrous and the ghosts are just unsettling and creepy. The extras playing the ghosts were pretty good too. Overall this is a well-done movie that doesn't have major plot-holes.

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