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11/04/2013 15:18:48 •••

A good read

I second this recommendation. I know most people here think don't think highly of Paul, but PLEASE give this fic a chance. It gives him a better back story than the anime did. It may not make you a fan of Paul, but this story manages to make him look less like a Karma Houdini. Also Conway, Reggie, Maylene and even Brandon get character development. There are interesting plot twists that will keep you engaged. It is extremely long, yet it still remains to be engaging. Have a cup of coffee with you because I'm positive you'll be hooked.

11/04/2013 00:00:00

I agree. I took to Paul immediately. But even I recognized the problem. The anime went to such lengths to show us how good a battler Paul is. But it was so lazy in explaining why he is the way he is. This story gives him that, and it works well.

This is headcanon for me now.

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