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08/10/2011 09:41:10 •••

Great, but with problems.

I recently picked it up in the Steam Sale and have been playing through since. At first I found the controls a little clunky but that went away with more playing. There are a number of other issues, too, including:

  • Difficulty curve like a rollercoaster. Some rooms will be ridiculously easy and the next room full of mooks will kill you the moment you walk in.
  • Combat system is a bit annoying at times, especially the AI and getting a good view on the action.
  • Each area drags on a bit too long. While I usually don't rag on a game for being too *long* - I think that certain areas could've done with being cut down a bit. They're brilliant, but they start to lose impact after too long.
  • People in your camp selling you DLC is the most immersion breaking, money-grabbing idea ever. I'm not opposed to DLC (Infact, I'm for it so long as it's good value for money and not taking pre-release development time away from the game) but... but... In my camp? Talk about breaking character.

Despite all this, Dragon Age is still fantastic and certainly worth picking up, even at full price. The story is brilliant and keeps you interested throughout, the characters are compelling and the world detailed. Still holding my interest after ~30 hours of play and I can even see some replay value. If you like RP Gs - pick it up. It may be a bit frustrating at times, sure and it could be improved - but still one of the best games I've played.

08/10/2011 00:00:00

I agree with your point about the difficulty curve. There was that one room, a few archers and a mage hidden behind a barricade, with inflammable grease all over the floor...

A question concerning the DLC issue, though. I have the Ultimate Edition, so odds are I simply didn't notice, but when do people in your camp try to sell you DLC?

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