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01/26/2018 18:52:25 •••

Ben 10: Ultimate Shark-Jumping!

The first season of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien had alot going for it. Several cool new aliens, like R'aad, were introduced. Aggregor was an interesting, intimidating Big Bad for the first half of the season, and even after losing much of that interest when he went Ultimate, he still got the job done. Charmcaster, after an incredibly stupid appearance early on reducing her to a totally unmenacing villain, rebounded with a focus episode giving her development, backstory, and even a change of heart. And of course there was Kevin's overdue Character Rerailment, finally reconnecting the wisecracking tech dealer with the sociopathic killer.

But then came the finale. After angst after Wangst about how to deal with the once-again-villainous Kevin, after all the dark drama built up....a rushed conclusion brings Kevin back to normal, he and Gwen immediately get back to their horrid romance, he and Ben share a ridiculously brief apology for trying to kill each other, and it's as if nothing ever happened. Seriously, in the second season, it's not mentioned. The status quo is kept. BULL. SHIT.

After all the crap Kevin pulled while insane, he goes free. After energy-raping Gwen, she takes him back. After all the serious fighting between them, the three Snap Back instantly and are friends again. After building up and advertising something epic and life-changing for Ben and the rest, absolutely NOTHING changes. This, my friends, is Jumping The Shark.

And the second season proves this. Gwen has sunk into the depths of boring character-dom. Kevin has become so obnoxious that one wishes he had been killed. A threat is being built around idiots in armor, the MANY Filler episodes are boring and/or stupid, the Merchandise Driven aspect of the show has finally choked all entertainment out of it. Oh, and Charmcaster, one of the few characters with reason to care about, who was last left with the promise that the heroes would return to help her? She hasn't shown up; it hasn't happened or been mentioned, and when it does, it'll probably be boring and/or stupid as well.

My guess is that the late Dwayne McDuffie had grown bored with Ben 10 at this point. Well, so have I.

05/08/2011 00:00:00

Hey atleast be fair, when then found victor, Ben and Gwen both gave him THE LOOK when he mentions "who could do tht to him"

07/10/2011 00:00:00

I second that motion! Since the end of BT:AF, with that insipid complete happy ending where no one dies and everything is cool, the franchise deserves to be put to sleep. They cancelled better shows for less. Yes, I do mean Symbiotic Titan.

08/29/2011 00:00:00

I lost interest before the end of Alien Force, simply because I found teen Ben too average and dull compared to his old, bratty 10 year old self. Not to mention Gwen and Kevin practically stealing the show and simultaneously treated like punching bags until he summons an alien to use.

Reading this REALLY disappoints me, but at least I'm not the only one that feels this way and that others agree with me. Ben 10 use to be one of Cartoon Network's good shows, and now they take it for granted because the fans like it, like we don't know any better. To be fair, the whole STATION jumped the shark a long time ago, even before "CN Real".

The first Ben 10 is the only good show. Alien Force was decent, but not enough. And I'm not touching Ultimate Alien with even a 3 foot (or longer) pole.

09/30/2011 00:00:00

Well, Ultimate Alien is a vast improvement over Alien Force, at least.

10/01/2011 00:00:00

^ It was just the same as Alien Force in it's previous season. In it's current season, it's WORSE.

10/02/2011 00:00:00

This franchise needs to die, bring back Symbionic Titan already...just don't whore out Ben 10 anymore.

10/31/2011 00:00:00

Hey that's not fair. I think we just need some better writers that's all.

11/04/2011 00:00:00

Regarding Kevin not being punished for going insane and trying to kill everyone... wasn't that due him being... well... insane? Hasn't it long been established that using his energy powers drives him insane? Trying to punish him for what he did after absorbing the Omnitrix's power is comparable to that much maligned moment where the Powerpuff Girls beat up Rainbow for what he did as Mr. Mime.

11/07/2011 00:00:00

Forgiveness for his actions while 'insane' is one thing, but we don't see any drama or real tension. Gwen and Ben just instantly forgive him. Just because he has an excuse, doesn't mean he should be welcomed back like that. There should be drama, fear, and Kevin should still feel guilt for his actions.

That, and some fans just put the idea that absorbing energy = insane as just a poor attempt to make us feel bad for the original Kevin.

12/05/2011 00:00:00

^ Dude, I said the late McDuffie HAD grown bored. Past-tense; before he passed away. I wasn't insulting him or trying to be funny in any way; I was just stating what I honestly felt: that he had honestly gotten bored with being the head writer on this show.

That the last thing he wrote released before his death, the All-Star Superman DTV film, was leagues above Ben 10: UA in quality (IMO, it was even better than the comic it was based on!) helps support that theory of mine.

There should be drama, fear, and Kevin should still feel guilt for his actions.

That, and some fans just put the idea that absorbing energy = insane as just a poor attempt to make us feel bad for the original Kevin.

Exactly. Beating him up after "curing him" wouldn't be right, but seeing as he'd just done horrible things, Ben had just spent alot of time trying to kill him, and Gwen had been energy-raped by him, all of them instantly snapping back to their normal friendship was absurd. Kevin should be in My God What Have I Done mode, Gwen should be conflicted about getting back together again (as opposed to instantly kissing him when he's back to normal...ugh!), and his and Ben's friendship should be strained. That would be more realistic and more interesting than just cheaply returning to the status quo and never referencing this again.

And while I give the "energy = insanity" excuse some leeway as it was really the only way to connect the original Kevin with AF/UA Kevin at this point, it still is pretty weak and makes it to easy to excuse Kevin's actions back in the original show, even though back then he was written as a normal sociopath, bad due to mental illness rather than energy addiction.

12/05/2011 00:00:00

Yeah, don't you just hate when they take the lazy way out? It was just a plain lazy retcon to justify the status quo and their pet pairing which once again is taking a way from the show. If the main demographic they're suppose to be aiming at is young males 8 to 12 then you would think they would focus less on badly done relationships, despite the fact whether or not they were trying to cater to all ages.

And the whole energy=insanity thing is one of the more obvious and badly done retcons. Status Quo is one of the most annoying tropes and is used in place of good writing. You can't just ignore someone's homicidial actions, no matter the cause; said cause might have been in relation to saving the universe, but when you have the characters instantly forgive the person involved it makes the characters less belivable as people.

If my best friend turned into a pyscopath and we tried to kill each other, even if the thing is over our friendship would be pretty strained because as shown their is always a possibility of this happening again.

Whose to say that the energy asorption has to be invoulintary. Whose to say a future villain wouldn't take advantage of this knowledge? Kid's show or not when you start introducing darker elements, relationships, complex story arcs and such then you really don't have an excuse not to try and put some more effort into your work.

Also how do you feel on the energy absorption equaling sociopathic tendecies as a whole. Right now I don't recall anything I know or read on mental illnesses or such, but I wish to see the thoughts of people who have more knowledge on this subject than I currently do.

12/05/2011 00:00:00

Also how do you feel on the energy absorption equaling sociopathic tendecies as a whole. Right now I don't recall anything I know or read on mental illnesses or such, but I wish to see the thoughts of people who have more knowledge on this subject than I currently do.

Ok... this energy absorption = insanity thing is all sci-fi and there's nothing in real life to relate it to. Most people who do get damaged by similar things tend to get weak and die.

12/06/2011 00:00:00

No I mean I know it can't happen in real life, I was talking more of a psychological stand point and stuff not to mention the whole morality factor. Its obviously an ass-pull retcon and its stupid that Kevin might not have never mentioned this to either Ben and Gwen, with the latter being an energy being.

I mean what if she had used a healing spell on Kevin after an injury and it triggered a psychotic episode?

This is more in my line of thought with things.

01/14/2012 00:00:00

So, no discussion?

02/03/2012 00:00:00

Great, not only did the whole Kevin thing resolve in a horrible Status Quo Is God manner, but word is that Charmcaster is finally going to return...and revert BACK to being a villain so as to keep the Status Quo in tact, even teaming up with Darkstar like she was in a bad fanfiction.

God, I hate this show. It's making me think ill of the dead!

02/03/2012 00:00:00

Five hundred dollars says its the same guy who wrote Duped.

02/04/2012 00:00:00

Well, UA has ended over in Korea, and it was a whimper and not a bang, as expected. Good riddance, I say!

10/18/2013 00:00:00

I hope you're happy, Mr. Plan. Here is some Omniverse to make you more infuriated.

01/26/2018 00:00:00

Clearly a rabid fans who can\'t accept anything new aslo hype backlash in ben 10 original ymmv so don\'t claim that origin series was better aslo this isn\'t a review it\'s more self hate rant by crazy person,. Ps ben 10 fanbase is the worst it\'s up they with star wars and fallout community.. 🖓

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