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07/18/2009 12:37:42 •••

Purple Monkey [episode 2]

Like the first episode, this is a very short, simplistic episode in which Bree, still in her bedroom, introduces us to P. Monkey, the lovable purple monkey puppet (in this episode, apparently female) who would become the show's most iconic stuffed toy character.

Another character who is first mentioned in this episode is Daniel, who edits Bree's videos and is, we are informed, "a dork", as is Bree. The decision to make a show starring "dorks", while not particularly original, was a smart move in this instance, this being a trait to which many Internet nerds can likely relate.

This episode notably makes liberal use of seemingly random editing tricks, which lends credence to the claim that these are early video blogs by a couple of bored teenagers.

This was still early days, obviously, and this resembles a genuine video blog more than anything else.

As a final note, Bree's expressions are wonderful. The actress has a very expressive face, very suited to a comedic role.

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