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01/04/2011 16:50:20 •••



A stunningly powerful album which grabes you by the throat and drags you along on its wild ride of rock-dance. There is not a single song which lets the album down, and from start to finish it is a powerhouse. Standout songs: My People, This Boy's In Love, Yippi-yo Ay, Anywhere.

BEAMS (2005):

An eclectic mix of tracks, some of which work, some which don't. While you can never fault the creativity of the album, several of the songs amount to little more than experimental synth-soundscapes. Standout songs: I Go Hard, I Go Home, Are You The One, Girl and the Sea, Down Down Down

BLOW UP (2003):

The debut EP showcases a much different sound from their later work, but still definitively Preset-y. Standouts: Beat On/Beat Off, Let's Get the F*ck Outta Here, and the insiduosl creepy/predatory/rapey/horny "Pretty Little Eyes"

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