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03/24/2014 09:13:49 •••

Batgirl's backstory

I loved Alicia Silverstone's portrayal of Batgirl w hat I had a problem with was her backstory. We all know that Batgirl is the daughter of the police commissioner as well as being a librarian which gives her access to information that no one has. It made no sense to make her the niece of Alfred the Butler with no explanation as to how or why she chose to become Batgirl.

Also, she should have been introduced earlier in the movie to get us to know her more.

10/04/2012 00:00:00

She was made as Alfred's neice probably because Commisioner Gordon is a relatively minor character in these movies, and the film was far too stuffed with stars to give him the necessary screen time in this one. It also ties in nicely enough with the subplot of Alfred dying, giving it added layers, at least from a storytelling point of view.

She chose to become Batgirl because damn it, when you find out you are living with Batman and Robin and Alfred has actually tailor-made a suit for you (while he was sick and dying, no less), why the hell would you say no? And to top it off the city is peril and you, alone, can help Batman and Robin sae it (and them) from the forces of Evil. The universe WANTED her to be Batgirl, and lets face it, you'd kind of regret turning it down (especially if Ivy or Freeze kills everyone because you did). Its that kind of movie.

03/23/2014 00:00:00

This should have never been.

03/24/2014 00:00:00

If you can find something that's genuinely good about Batman and Robin....good for you. There's so many things wrong with this movie that any "good" thing is good.

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