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11/08/2010 17:43:18 •••

We are but star stuff...

Carl Sagan's crowning educational achievement, Cosmos is a fascinating look into our universe at the time, and still transcends the years to deliever valuable aesops on science, imagination and humanity.

The idea that we are but small parts of the greater universal whole, told in Sagan's calm and hypnotizing voice, makes a person really think about earth and the universe. The program is at both times a well-researched documentary, and an amazing journey of fantasy, through time, space and mind.

Each episode is a message inside, whether it's the swearing off of nuclear war, the idea that dreams are a way to discover, or that just because people laugh now, it doesn't mean it might not be true.

Now, granted, it was made in the 70s, and it shows. But that's not the important part. What is are the lessons each episode teaches.

As mentioned, there is an episode of who books allow us to transcend death. Now, not only will Mr. Sagan live on in print, he'll be forever remembered on screen and audio as a brilliant and imaginative man.

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