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02/19/2021 12:44:09 •••

A good Part with noticeable flaws

This review has mild spoilers

I've heard that the second Part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, known as Battle Tendency, improves on Part 1, Phantom Blood, in some regards. That's true to a certain extent, but while it's good overall, it has some flaws that prevent me from enjoying it as much as Part 1.

The season takes place 50 years after the end of Part 1 and is about Jonathan Joestar's grandson Joseph and his fight against the Pillar Men, ancient vampires who created the Stone Mask that led to Dio's rise to evil.

The battles are even more over-the-top than before. In his first major fight, Joseph unloads a Tommy gun onto his opponent, and detonates several grenades... and his opponent still lives. Unfortunately, some fights get a bit too over-the-top, such as Joseph and Kars having an entire fight while falling hundreds of meters, and occasionally are resolved in a contrived manner(e.g. the final battle).

The soundtrack is better than Part 1, and has some nice songs that fit the mood perfectly, such as the Pillar Men's theme and a song that plays after a certain character's death.

Unfortunately, characters are the weakest aspect of this Part.

  • Joseph makes a good Contrasting Sequel Main Character to Jonathan, and has a decent character arc in which he learns to care about people other than himself, but he can be somewhat obnoxious at times. I personally like him a bit more as an old man in Part 3.
  • Caesar has good chemistry with Joseph despite initially being somewhat unlikeable, but is a bit underutilized.
  • Smokey has a good friendship with Jojo, but hardly does anything.
  • von Stroheim is enjoyably hammy, but I can't get over the fact that he's a Nazi, that he had prisoners executed as a blood sacrifice to Santviento, or that his efforts, more often than not, tend to make things worse.
  • Speedwagon and Erina are fairly well-done overall, although it's more than a little unrealistic that the Speedwagon Foundation gives the heroes almost unlimited resources.
  • Straizo, a minor character from Part 1, suddenly turns evil at the start of Part 2 without any foreshadowing and is killed off almost as quickly before his full potential as a villain can be utilized.
  • Lisa Lisa is a good example of a Faux Action Girl- the narrative talks up her skills, but she only wins fights against Mooks. She has an interesting backstory, but a few plot threads about her, such as her relationships with Straizo and Joseph, aren't followed up on enough. I've heard this is due to Executive Meddling, but it's still disappointing.
  • Kars is probably the least interesting of the main antagonists I've seen so far, with a relatively simplistic motive and a backstory that is revealed toward the end. It doesn't help that his comrades Wamuu and Esidisi are better rounded.

All in all, this Part has much of what made Part 1 enjoyable, but enough flaws that I don't enjoy it as much.

02/19/2021 00:00:00

While I like the arc and Joseph is my favorite Jo Jo, it still suffers from a major detriment from part 1. Jojo does everything. Despite already defeating the 2 mayor threats (Straizo and Santana), we\'re presented with 4 (I\'m counting evolved Kars and a separate and obvious opponents) enemies and despite the inclusion of Ceasar and Lisa Lisa...Joseph defeats them all. Ceasar was suppose to fight ACDC but he attacks Jojo first; Wammu fights Ceasar but kills him and Jojo takes revenge. Instead of having Lisa Lisa defeat Kars but still have him get the stone and power up, defeat her and then fight Jojo; Jojo fights both regular and power up Kars, literally making it a one man show.

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