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02/17/2021 19:41:08 •••

Brilliant work of off-putting horror (spoiler free)

I love horror. It's one of my favorite genres for how creative and interesting it can be. WandaVision is one of the only things recently to give me legitimate chills, in combination with the mystery that's drawing me in. My favorite brand of horror is the subtle and unsettling stuff- where you just know something is very wrong- the Uncanny Valley stuff. This series, so far, excels at that sort of thing.

Sure, it'll throw in a Jump Scare or two. And occasionally, the horror will be much more in-your-face. But the show runs on being extremely unnerving and everything just being slightly off. The commercial segments are surreal and linger just long enough to feel off-putting even when nothing's going on, in addition to their psychological elements. The sitcom elements can lull you in to a false sense of safety and familiarity, which gets ripped away as soon as the show reminds you that everything's going wrong. Even the intro scenes for each "episode" have elements that are just strange enough to evoke a bit of that horror.

That's not to say the entire show is scary, but that's what makes the horror even better. The less-scary bits can be genuinely funny, cool, and mystifying, which helps make the horror elements all the more jarring. When you don't know where the next bit of creepiness will be coming from, they're all the stronger, and it makes the show even more interesting.

All in all, good show, and makes good enough use of my favorite horror and meta tropes to make it something I, personally, am loving- at least at the time of this review being posted. Hey, I just caught up with it all and it's on my mind- let me get the gushing out of my system :P

02/17/2021 00:00:00

Iím the same. Iím not usually into Marvel, and Vision before was Ďthat guy who turned grey when he died right?í, but stepford reality where actual reality/horror peeks through really interested me from the trailers, itís a really good trauma narrative and now Iím emotionally invested in Wanda, Vision and the sword trio.

02/17/2021 00:00:00

Like Emeriin, I\'m not much of a Marvel fan and barely remember Vision and Wanda from the movies. Yet I\'m enjoying this show more than any of the movies I\'ve watched.

I wouldn\'t call it horror for the most part, but it is definitely has a low level creepiness throughout. It feels almost like a big budget adaptation of some unused SCP concept. And the way it sprinkles in little clues for the viewer to try and guess what is going on is a lot of fun.

02/17/2021 00:00:00

I\'m the same way; I met Wanda and Vision in Infinity War where it was too quick for me to get attached to them. But now I\'m becoming super invested in both of them.

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