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02/17/2021 18:54:39 •••

You’re Playing with the Big Boys Now

Every single one of the reviews on this page has been overwhelmingly positive, ... and mine will be no different.

First of all, I love the songs. “We swear by Horus, you will kneel before us, power splendourus, you’re playing with the big boys now”. I found Offra Haza’s song saying goodbye to Moses by the Nile an extremely strong emotional moment. And I like how Rameses’s VillainSong is about his relationship with Moses. “You that I once called brother, I do not know what has turned you against me causing you to hate me so, is this what you wanted?. Then let my heart be hardened and never mind how high the cost may grow, this will still be so, I will never let your people go!” I like the spirituality of the song “through heaven’s eyes”. And the song “There can be Miracles” from the end of the movie is heartwarming.

I like the Tragic Villain arc it gives Rameses and how they chose to make him a sympathetic figure in a way he wasn’t in The Ten Commandments.

They have Moses start out as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold even though he was never depicted as a jerk in Exodus though they have him ultimately become a righteous figure thanks to Character Development and unlike Christian Bale in Exodus: Gods and Kings this Moses never seems to be an AxCrazy maniac.

I know that some people dislike the Mood Whiplash this movie has but I’m not one of them. I actually like the blend of comedy and drama this film has to offer. I found Hotep and Huy to be genuinely funny and the Gilligan Cuts to be funny. And I don’t find them to undermine the drama of the film which I find quite compelling.

And I like the quality of the animation. I do have a few nitpicks like thinking that it’s overly hard on Aaron especially in relation to the text. But all in all I love this movie.

02/16/2021 00:00:00

It's good to see that you took some of my feedback into account, especially paragraph breaks. This review is much easier to read than some of your previous ones.

That said, you should preview the review to make sure that all your links work. There doesn't seem to be a Creator page for Offra Haza, so any attempt to link to her will result in a redlink.

02/17/2021 00:00:00

I had just started tropes reviewing and barely started troping so I ended up making rookie mistakes as a result of being a rookie, which I essentially still am. I’ll get rid of the Offra Haza link.

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