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02/13/2021 08:46:51 •••

(Spoiler Free Review!)

I adore this fic so much, the author's writing style is wonderful. If you're a Four fan (like myself) it's perfect. Even the other boys and how they are portrayed, you'll love this fic.

The author's other work is just as fantastic, but this fic lives rent free in my head. There are some bits that could be disturbing to some, but these are listed in tags and before the chapter that they occur in.

Four's journey starts off with his insecurities and shyness up front (he usually keeps these feelings to himself). He slowly starts to open up, but is easily overshadowed by his need to keep his other halves/brothers hidden. Four tries to keep himself together, but can easily find himself falling at the seams. By the latest chapter (7), Four (with Wild's help) has started to find his true self once more, and it leaves you feeling just as happy and satisfied as he is.

As of this review, the story is still in progress, but every update is worth the wait :)

I truly recommend this fic to any fan of Linked Universe, new or old.

02/13/2021 00:00:00

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