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02/16/2021 11:07:03 •••

Neither great nor terrible

TheNostalgiaCritic is occasionally funny but when heís not itís painfully so. DougWalker is a decent reviewer but when heís TheNostalgiaCritic thatís not really the case anymore.

TheNostalgiaCritic in his video on the remake of Ghostbusters is actually genuinely funny because he manages to make fun of every side in the culture wars and so the humour comes from the film being arbitrarily controversial instead of from a rant about it. Likewise his video on TheLastAirbender was an AffectionateParody of the source material at least as much as it was a review of the movie. Also when he counted down the top 11 Avatar episodes his interaction with DanteBasco is funny.

The problem is, I find, that quite often, his efforts to review the movies in question take precedence over the RuleofFunny and in my opinion TheNostalgiaCritic reviews tend to overly rely on a tendency to AccentuateTheNegative which isnít the case for DougWalkerís Disneycember reviews. So I neither love nor hate the Nostalgia Critic.

02/12/2021 00:00:00

I wouldn\'t say so. In his recent reviews he has shown that he can be positive and have nothing negative to say about a flick (as can be seen in his most recent review of Batman Vs. TMNT). He can even admit when he is in the minority and why a movie might be loved by others, this is easily seen in his two reviews to the Lion King. So I would say that he has actually improved.

02/15/2021 00:00:00

Well, his review of The Hunchback of Notre Dame was a largely positive one but in most of his videos that Iíve seen he does tend to rely on Accentuate the Negative. In comparison to the early Nostalgia Critic videos which were about him discovering that a movie he remembers from childhood is terrible then heís far less negative now but if you compare it to Doug Walker in his vlogs about Avatar or his Disneycember and Dream Worksuary series then his general tend towards negativity is extremely pronounced.

02/16/2021 00:00:00

Of course it would be like that, that is his character. The Nostalgia Critic is supposed to be somebody with anger issues that tends to exaggerate the negative and can be violent and uncaring more often than not. That is his character. Doug however isn\'t like that at all. That is why he is more positive in his vlogs.

However, even his character has become less pessimist, I mean, just see the end of each and every one of his videos from the modern era, he recaps the entire movie pointing both the positives and the negatives, that is an overall improvement over his earlier projects were he would be negative and would barely point any positives at all.

02/16/2021 00:00:00

Thatís all true. Like when The Nostalgia Critic acknowledges that there were elements he likes about Batman v Superman at the end of the video. And youíre right that a lot of it is the outgrowth of The Nostalgia Critics character traits but based on my arbitrary personal preferences Iím not a big fan of that even though the series necessitates it. And I would like to qualify I donít dislike The Nostalgia Critic, I just donít love it either.

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