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02/10/2021 23:21:47 •••

Body Politics

If I'm being honest, I don't give a shit about the A-plot of this episode. I forgot what it was even about. This review is just an excuse for me to vent out my frustration with the B-plot, involving Spike, Patrick and Liz. I fucking hate this plot and I think it's the worst plot of the show and you know why? They did Spike dirty.

You see, the B-plot of this episode goes like this: Spike broke up with Patrick off-screen. Liz then asks Spike if she could go out with him. Spike jokingly allows her too, then gets (rightfully) angry at the fact her best friend is literally seeing the guy she just broke up with, and then she tells Liz about how shitty this is, which leads Liz to break up with Patrick, which then leads Patrick to storm into the library and chew Spike out for "meddling" with him, leading to the apparent EPIC burn that he delivers to her entitled, "You may be a mother, but you got a lot of growing up to do.".

No, no, and no. Spike is RIGHT in this situation. What kind of fucking idiot starts going out with the guy your friend just broke up with? That is fucking dumb. I can't stand how it is as if we are meant to see Spike as a whiny fuck in this situation.

Also, Spike doesn't have "a lot of growing up to do", Patrick needs "a lot of distance to keep", because holy shit he's up in her grill sounding like he's gonna kill her if she stops "meddling" and "dictating" his relationships. I wish the scene was reversed and we had Spike confronting Patrick in the library and delivering him some epic burn related to his personality. That would have been 10x times more amusing. But oh no...fuck you Lucy and your shitty volleyball or whatever plot. Spike's was more important, just as she's a more important character.

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