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06/27/2020 12:45:11 •••

I Love It, But...

It's definitely not for everybody. It can come across as overly cheesy and boring to many. Usagi especially can be seen as a Mary Sue and a whiny klutz. However, despite this, I would recommend it due to its influence on the genre.

That being said, a lot of people have a bad taste in their mouth from the 90s English dub of the anime, which, while not without its merits, features a lot of hammy acting and unnecessary changes. I'd recommend skipping that and giving the more recent Viz dub a chance. As for Crystal, if you didn’t like the original manga, chances are you won't like this either. Codename: Sailor V is incredibly underrated, and was not given an anime adaptation (though a fan made opening can be found on YouTube). It has many similarities, but still is a very good and somewhat more realistic story in its own right. The musicals are pretty good from what I've heard and the songs are lovely. And finally, the live-action series, PGSM, is considered by many to be the best adaptation of the manga, and while it only covers the Dark Kingdom arc, it explores the world and characters more deeply than any other version, though the special effects can be a bit cringe-worthy (don't worry, they get better).

All in all while I love every version of this iconic story, you'll either love it or hate it. With that said, the LGBT characters are all portrayed in positive and sympathetic ways, even the two that were villains, and the girls do care for and support each other. Usagi’s sexuality is portrayed as simply a part of who she is, and Codename: Sailor V had a chapter that felt very relevant in the age of “fake geek girl” accusations.

Link to fan-animated Sailor V intro:

06/20/2020 00:00:00

I think you are undercutting Sailor Moon as a show. One thing it does that so many modern magical girls shows don\'t do is develop the relationship between the characters. The characters hang out, have their own unique social dynamics, and often talk to each other about each others problems. Compare this to stuff like Madoka, in which the girls explode on a whim and flip from one emotion to the next or Nanoha, in which the series focuses obsessively on fighting battles and the main character is little more then a gender-flipped shonen protagonist and you\'ll see Sailor Moon that has much more depth then its counterparts. Characters suddenly getting superpowers are a dime a dozen, but the show spends much more time on drama then action, and I think that\'s what makes it work.

06/27/2020 00:00:00

@Immortalbear Sorry, when ever I write a “Not for Everyone” review, it always sounds more negative than I intend.

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