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06/08/2020 12:24:11 •••

One of the shoddiest, laziest attempts at a Soulsgame I've ever seen.

Basically, this game shares the same structure of Sundered, in which it was inspired by Dark Souls but it tries a post-apocalyptic semi-fantastic eldritch route with procedurally generated maps.

It also shares many, many of the problems of Sundered, without many of the features that at least alleviate said problems.

Basically, the structure of a Dark-Souls-esque games isn't derived just from the high lethality of enemies attacks, it's also the map that requires cautious exploration and bosses that need memorization of patterns. If you want to experiment, be my guest! Gaming would still be pong if there wasn't any experimentation or tweak of the known formulas! The problem is, you need to re-work the whole engine instead of just replacing a few cogs and hoping that it will 'fit'.

In this and Sundered case, the fact that the maps are procedurally generated wouldn't be so bad... if the enemies kept spawning relentlessly in order to compensate for the fact that they can't be specifically placed to make traps or use tactics against the player. And much like Sundered, every once in a while (faster the more you kill foes) the game will toss a mini-boss against you (that also spawns even more normal foes), in order to keep the stakes high and not let the player relax. This is where problems start.

Since the maps are procedurally generated and the look is randomly placed, you'll have to search every nook and cranny, while being constantly harassed by a mob that keeps spawning, and everything you'll do will grind to a halt when you face a mini-boss, which will slow the pacing to a slog. And this is where it separates from Sundered and gets worse.

The bosses are insanely easy, even in the highest difficulties, so in order to keep the 'challenge' they will constantly spawn minions with the excuse of 'replenishing your ammo' through kills even if A- in the arenas there are always lots of breakables and B- there are Ammo Boxes consumables that refill your reserves. This basically turns most of the fights into frustrating battles of attrition (and many of these bosses are just reskinned normal foes). The 'procedurally generated' maps are continuously recycled to the point where you might get lost due three or four areas of the map looking the same. And the worst thing is the progression system. I sundered through a lot of the game with a starter character without using points in traits... because the enemies progress with you A La Skyrim. Meaning, a Lvl 1 character will kill a lvl 10 enemy easier than a lvl 20 character against a lvl 21. This alongside the dull colors and the lack of a good soundtrack made me nearly sleep through the first levels.

This game may be fun if you go with a L 4 D expectation and play with friends, but other than that, nope. At least Sundered had beautiful hand-drawn art and an epic soundtrack.

06/08/2020 00:00:00

...Am I the only one who saw \"procedural generation\" as a bit of a dirty phrase from the start? It feels like I am. Guess the rest of the world is starting to get to where I am now through sheer fatigue, attrition, and watching it crowbarred into everything.

06/08/2020 00:00:00

I also couldn\'t mention it due the size restraints of the review, but many of the items, guns and bosses rely on RGN to show up, meaning, expect to redo the immense, long, repetitive and sloggish dungeons over and over and over.

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