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05/19/2020 15:07:51 •••

The Whole Shebang

As there is a 3,000 character limit, I won't cover all the films, and this won't be a review so much as it'll be me giving my two cents on some of the more controversial things. Iron Man: N/A The Incredible Hulk: Better than Hulk. I don't mind either of them, though. The Abomination was freaking scary and awesome. Hope he makes a come-back someday. IM 2: Black Widow is pretty cool. I know some people find her boring and don't understand her appeal, but to me she has the “je ne said quoi”. I really hope her movie changes some people's minds, and that at least most people will like it more than Captain Marvel. Also, Don Cheadle is a great War Machine. Thor: I like Darcy. I look forward to seeing her on Wandavision. Captain America: The First Avenger: Er... I'm going to play my Get Out of Gush Free card for this one. The Avengers: Black Widow is still just as awesome (outsmarting LOKI, anyone?) and Cap is okay in this too, though this is my least favorite version of the costume. IM 3: Harley is a character I want to see explored more in the future. My money’s on him being Iron Lad. Oh, and the Mandarin twist is 🤮. Can't wait to see the real guy in Shang-Chi. TTDW: N/A C At WS: The Hydra twist was great, and while I love Natasha, I think Agent 13 should have played her role instead, and vice-versa. Guardians of the Galaxy: N/A A Ao U: I really do like the Hawkeye family thing, but looking back I don't like the Bruce/Natasha romance as much as I did at the time. Ant-Man: I worked. It freaking worked. 😳 CACW: Team Cap FTW! Doctor Strange: The whole Ancient One controversy was a lose-lose situation. They got accused of whitewashing, but if they hadn't, they would have been accused of racism. Got Gv 2: Baby Groot is adorable and Mantis is also very cute. I know she tends to get a lot of flak for being stereotypical and not nearly as cool as in the comics, but I like her. Spider-Man: Homecoming: Tom Holland is great as Peter, and I love Zendaya in this, too. And Flash is truly a modern bully. A rich, smart kid who won't get off social media. And while the “If This Be my Destiny” scene didn't have as big a motive as in the comics, it was still amazing. TR: Damn funny film. Not perfect, and the jokes can be a bit much at times, but a step in the right direction for Thor. Black Panther: Did you know that: Chinese audiences thought it was too black? Now you know! AIW: Good memes, good times. The closest thing to a live-action Evangelion movie that fandom may ever get. Aat W: That stinger, man... Captain Marvel: Hoo, boy... I'll start with the one thing I refuse to let anyone argue with me on. GOOSE! Hello, floofy boi... gurl? OMG, tentacat! That being said, I like this movie, and I like Carol, too. *ducks*

  • returns from nuclear bunker, shield in hand*
EN Dga ME: Steve's ending was perfect, couldn't have wanted anything more... I think Bucky knew beforehand, though. Poor Thor, too... this is the best finale ever! Just don't think too hard about several key aspects. I laughed, I cried, I rewrote a ton of my headcanons, and I got chills during the final battle. SFFH: J.K. Simmons, you motherfucker! You are the only J. Jonah Jameson I will ever accept, and you came back! That being said, the stingers are by far the best part of this movie. The Fury thing and the exposure thing are insane! I look forward to the third movie.

The future: I'm really excited for The Eternals and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The last one is my only chance to prove a major fan theory I've had for a while now.

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